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About Laura

Laura D. Wilcox is a joyful and dedicated wife, mother, life coach, speaker and author. Her passion starts with her faith, family and work, and extends around the world!

Laura’s goal is to motivate individuals to improve their lives locally and globally through her techniques.  It is her desire to help others be their best. Her inspirational leadership, integrity, personality and proven ability to guide others has been respected for more than 15 years!

As owner and CEO of her life coaching business, Laura has been professionally teaching clients to break habits and achieve their goals since 2002. She provides services that empower men and women to overcome adversity, retrain their mind, and accomplish their goals. Laura offers a Christian faith perspective when working with her clients, citing values and prayer as instrumental to achieving personal goals and success.

At last, Laura puts her knowledge, experience and ideas to paper in her first book, “Faith and the Second Hand.” The purpose of this book is to help those with any type of addiction issue or blockage to overcome these barriers and lead their best lives with purpose through their faith in God. Laura offers practical exercises and steps that will help lead her clients to great success.

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